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Writing this book was a labor of love. Actually, thata€™s not quite true. Writing for me has no labor. I love doing it. I hope that I have made Charlene, Parker, and the rest of my story characters as real for you as they are to me. I feel that I know them all intimately and I treasure that. If reading this story gives you a fraction of the pleasure that it gives me, then it is a success. Charlene could never have imagined in a million years all the challenges, tragedies, and triumphs that she would face in her lifetime. None of us can. No one knows whata€™s around the next corner or over the next horizon in life. All we can try to do is face lifea€™s challenges with the same courage, hope, and faith that Charlene did. Hopefully, like it did for Charlene, it will all turn out for the best.Many times now Peter and Eddie would wash and dry the dishes for her or put a load or two into the washer and dryer while Liz collapsed on ... little guy is going to be a spit fire if he keeps this up. ... With help from Charlenea#39;s parents they were able to trade it in and get a nice used four door car that better suited their needs.

Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-06-07


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