Charlie Wilson's War

Charlie Wilson's War

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When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979, pressure mounted to support the Afghan resistance. This book tells for the first time the story of what became the largest covert operation in history - eventually costing more than $1 billion per year - with a vivid cast of characters, including Charlie Wilson, maverick congressman and party animal; Gust Avrakotos, the ruthless head of the CIA operation in Afghanistan; and General Zia, president of Pakistan. Moving from the meeting rooms in Washington to secret chambers in CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia; to arms-dealing conventions, to stand-offs in the Khyber Pass, My Enemy's Enemy is brilliantly reported - it is also one of the most detailed and compulsively readable accounts of the workings of the CIA ever written.This book is an eye-popping account of the last battle of the Cold War, one that weakened the Soviet Union and assisted in its collapse - paving the way for the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan.And this lovely euphemism would become the official description of a particularly lethal weapon for the mujahideen. Penna#39;s legal rulings were of ... It takes six months because of all the red tape. The Agency can do it in four to six weeks because theya#39;re good. But this guy, Hilly Billy, ... Art Alper, the grandfatherly demolitions expert, was one of the teama#39;s more idea-filled members. Along with developinganbsp;...

Title:Charlie Wilson's War
Author:George Crile
Publisher:Atlantic Books Ltd - 2015-07-20


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