Charts & Graphs

Charts & Graphs

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This book has been compiled by professional members interesting journey. If this initial and fleeting moment, of the Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration. It in which the eye 'questions' the object is lost the data is intended as a guide for persons preparing charts and or information may be shunned for ever as being graphs for publication or teaching slides by listing and boring. Good design aids the selection of a prime point describing some of the major limitations which must be and assists the journey all the way to its conclusion. observed if the visual presentation of data is to be Even tables can be made interesting by applying some legible and easily comprehended. The application of of the principles described in this book. standards to the production of medical and biological graphics is long overdue and it is hoped that this book An illegible or badly designed illustration antagonizes will not only help the amateur who is preparing his or the reader or viewer and can thus be a serious her own illustrations, but that it will also serve as a disadvantage to its author. A bad reputation is always reminder to the professional illustrator. We hope also hard to lose. It is most important to realize right from the that the publication of these standards might en start that legibility in one form does not automatically courage the editors of journals to standardize on their imply legibility in another.Figure 40 Histogram (Unequal class interval distribution) Frequency of deaths from cancer in relation to age Number of deaths 200 a€“ 175a€“ 150a€“ 125 a€“ 10075 - 50 - 25 a€“ 0a€“1 | O 15 25 35 45 55 75 Age (years) The area of each rectangle isanbsp;...

Title:Charts & Graphs
Author:D. Simmonds
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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