Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows

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Lunar and solar eclipses have always fascinated human beings. Digging deep into history, Clemency Montelle examines the ways in which theoretical understanding of eclipses originated and how ancient and medieval cultures shared, developed, and preserved their knowledge of these awe-inspiring events. Eclipses were the celestial phenomena most challenging to understand in the ancient world. Montelle draws on original researcha€”much of it derived from reading primary source material written in Akkadian and Sanskrit, as well as ancient Greek, Latin, and Arabica€”to explore how observers in Babylon, the Islamic Near East, Greece, and India developed new astronomical and mathematical techniques to predict and describe the features of eclipses. She identifies the profound scientific discoveries of these four cultures and discusses how the societies exchanged information about eclipses. In constructing this history, Montelle establishes a clear pattern of the transmission of scientific ideas from one culture to another in the ancient and medieval world. Chasing Shadows is an invitingly written and highly informative exploration of the early history of astronomy.LI i-AiAi-kan [[Concerning the watch for a lunar eclipse] about which the king, [my lo]rd, wrote to me, its watch will be (kept) ... astrologer-scribe Akkullanu who asserts that he witnessed a solar eclipse of two fingers in magnitude: mak-kul-la- nuanbsp;...

Title:Chasing Shadows
Author:Clemency Montelle
Publisher:JHU Press - 2010-12-29


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