Chemical Thermodynamics of Materials

Chemical Thermodynamics of Materials

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A comprehensive introduction, examining both macroscopic and microscopic aspects of the subject, the book applies the theory of thermodynamics to a broad range of materials; from metals, ceramics and other inorganic materials to geological materials. Focusing on materials rather than the underlying mathematical concepts of the subject, this book will be ideal for the non-specialist requiring an introduction to the energetics and stability of materials. Macroscopic thermodynamic properties are linked to the underlying miscroscopic nature of the materials and trends in important properties are discussed. A unique approach covering both macroscopic and microscopic aspects of the subject Authors have worldwide reputations in this area Fills a gap in the market by featuring a wide range of real up-to-date examples and covering a large amount of materialsStill, halides like AlCl3 and BeF2 are characterized by formation of liquids with a high degree of local order due to a preference for fourfold coordination. ... However, for mixtures containing d block metals, a third interaction due to pa€“d hybridization must be added [51]. ... is the binary system Aua€“Ag, where the enthalpy of mixing at xAg = 0.50 is 7.3 Solution energetics: trends and rationalization schemes 225.

Title:Chemical Thermodynamics of Materials
Author:Svein Stølen, Tor Grande
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2004-06-25


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