Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthesia, Second Edition

Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthesia, Second Edition

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Praise for the first edition: q[A] welcome addition to the reference materials necessary for the study of nurse anesthesia....The textbook is divided into logical, easy to use sections that cover all areas necessary for the practice of nurse anesthesia....This is a text that is easy to read and able to be incorporated into any nurse anesthesia chemistry and physics course. I would recommend this textbook to any program director.q --Anthony Chipas, PhD, CRNA Division Director, Anesthesia for Nurses Program Medical University of South Carolina Nurse anesthesia students will welcome the second edition of this text designed for the combined course in chemistry and physics that is required for this program. It is written in a clear, conversational style to counteract the trepidation that often accompanies the study of chemistry and physics, and includes only those core scientific concepts that relate to clinical anesthesia application. Numerous illustrations demonstrate how the scientific concepts relate directly to their clinical application in anesthesia, and plentiful case studies exemplify and reinforce basic concepts. Review question at the end of each chapter facilitate self-assessment. This second edition offers numerous features that will further assist students with understanding and mastery of the material. These new features are the direct result of knowledge gained from on-line and traditional classroom teaching experiences. They include chapter summaries, additional questions and answers at the end of each chapter specific to nurse anesthesia, end-of-chapter summaries, and lists of formulas and constants discussed in the book. Fifteen videos vividly demonstrate the key principles of the chemistry and physics of nurse anesthesia. Corresponding to various sections of the book, they supplement and illustrate text content. Also available are revised PowerPoint slides for faculty use. The first edition of this popular text is currently being used by eight nurse anesthesia programs throughout the United States and many additional programs plan to adopt the second edition. New to the Second Edition: Emphasizes content in chemistry and physics that relates specifically to anesthesia, with a strong focus on gases Includes case studies to illustrate and reinforce knowledge Provides additional end-of-chapter problems focused on anesthesia Relates core scientific concepts to clinical anesthesia application Offers fifteen videos demonstrating key principles of the physics and chemistry of nurse anesthesiaAs an example, leta#39;s express 1.02 A— 10a€“3 and 4.26 A— 104 in decimal form. Answer : 0.00102 and 42, 600 Numbers in proper scientific notation have only one digit in front of the decimal place. Can you convert 12.5 A— 10a€“3 into proper form?

Title:Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthesia, Second Edition
Author:David Shubert PhD, John Leyba PhD
Publisher:Springer Publishing Company - 2013-03-15


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