Chemistry for the Future

Chemistry for the Future

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Chemistry for the Future covers the proceedings of the 29th IUPAC Congress on the Chemistry for the Future, held in Cologne, Federal Republic of Germany on June 5-10, 1983. The contributors consider the advances in inorganic, organic, physical, and theoretical chemistry. This book is organized into seven parts encompassing 59 chapters that also look into the progress in the production of chemical basic materials and education in chemistry. The opening parts survey the advances in complexation chemistry, photoelectrochemical energy conversion, biotechnology, and some aspects of inorganic chemistry. The succeeding part deals with the reactions, synthesis, and structure and properties determination of various organic compounds. Other parts evaluate the application of molecular quantum mechanics, laser studies, electrochemical energy conversion, microemulsion, adsorption, and progress in the production of chemical basic materials. The remaining parts explore the teaching of molecular geometry by the VSEPR method, the role of experiments in teaching chemistry, chemistry as a basis for the life sciences. These parts also examine the flow of information chemistry through databases, IUPAC, and chemical information services. This book will prove useful to organic, inorganic, physical, and theoretical chemistsIn order to initiate large scale clinical trials, the American Cancer Society bought, in 1980, two million dollars worth of leukocyte interferon at a price corresponding to about 100 million dollars per gram of pure product (2). Now, the newanbsp;...

Title:Chemistry for the Future
Author:H. Grünewald
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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