Chemistry of Plant Phosphorus Compounds

Chemistry of Plant Phosphorus Compounds

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Provides a high level reference source for scientists engaged in any aspect of plant research - chemistry, biochemistry or physiology - with primary focus on the chemistry of phosphorus-containing compounds that occur naturally in the plant kingdom, and specifically in the higher plants (Plantae). The book is comprehensive with respect to nomenclature, physical properties, and distribution worldwide. There are many tables of actual data on phosphorus compounds occurring in whole plants and parts of plants. The tables provide detailed data that is needed by the food industry, agriculture, etc as many of the phosphorus compounds are common to both plants and animals. Two appendices cover other aspects including changes in phosphorus-containing compounds during germination and their accumulation during growth and senescence. The final sections of the book comprise separate indexes of plants, compounds and authors. a€c Comprehensive examination of phosphorus compounds found in plants a€c Extensive tables listing types of compounds and their occurrence in plants including: Nomenclature ; Occurrence ; Physical Properties ; Synthesis ; Hydrolysis ; Phosphorylation ; Extraction ; Separation and Analysis; a€c Easy to use indexes of plants, compounds and authorsSee Podocarpus nubigenus Podocarpus macrophyllus (Yew Plum Pine), 312t, 475a€“490 Podocarpus nivalis (Snow Totara), 223t Podocarpus nubigenus (Manio, Cloud Podo-carp), 223t Podocarp, Willow. See Podocarpus salignus Poinciana, anbsp;...

Title:Chemistry of Plant Phosphorus Compounds
Author:Arlen Frank
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-06-03


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