Chick Fu

Chick Fu

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Despite the cliche to the contrary, men are not unfeeling or invulnerable bozos. We try to do the right thing by chicks but they can be lethal opponents in love and dating. Most guys don't understand what chicks do or how they do it when it comes to keeping and getting rid of guys. They don't know it because chicks have kept it a carefully guarded secret...until now. In the whole of human history, never before has one man so outrageously dared to uncover the secrets of how women think and act. Inside qChick Fuq are hilarious, enlightening and REAL qwarq stories by real guys about the real tricks and tactics that real women have used on them. Author Mack MacGuyson narrates the stories and adds his own humor, insights and advice to the mix. Just what makes this book one of the best bathroom reads of all time? Just how outrageous and surprising are the stories? Just what secret moves have been used on you a million times and you never even knew it? There is only one way to find out: Open up qChick Fuq and see for yourself!The Mana#39;s Guide To Surviving Women Or Secrets From The Other Teama#39;s Playbook Mack MacGuyson ... There does exist, however, an entire genre of self- help books by guys who tell other guys how to get laid at will. ... youa€”the guya€”to fall in love with them, give them all your time and money, marry them, and ultimately get rid of you when they ... Hell, show your average 3 Chapter 1: Chick Fu Unchained.

Title:Chick Fu
Author:Mack MacGuyson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-03-01


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