Chicken Foots Stew

Chicken Foots Stew

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Chicken Foots Stew is centered around the life and times of quadrupled-divorced Michael Devin Hughes. The stories are Hughes' observations on family, life, and love, though not necessarily in that order. Fast-paced and genuinely funny, Chicken Foots Stew provides entertaining family reading. Among the short stories included in Chicken Foots Stew are the following: qBirthday Partiesqa€”as Hughes and his son Malcolm attend the ultimate children's birthday party, Hughes attempts to go one better, but he is out of his league as he finds out; qHotelsqa€”Hughes prepares the perfect weekend for daughter Millicent only to discover that his choice of hotels does not meet his daughter's exacting standards; and qMy Ex-Wife and Plantsqa€”Hughes' first wife Marcia discovers she has been banned from buying plants at all area nurseries. Hughes adds to her misery, by playing a practical joke that backfires tremendously.There are only so many books you can read. ... a€œNothing gets your blood pumping like greyhound racing, a€ he observed. ... Even an hour before post time of the first race, there were hundreds of daily wagers studying stacks of racing forms.

Title:Chicken Foots Stew
Author:Michael D. Hunt
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-12-01


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