Chief Posey's Run

Chief Posey's Run

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This is a gripping, fast action tale that takes place in the dangerous and exciting time of the Utah territory in the 1880's. It is a time when the Ute Indians are trying desperately to thwart the advancing white population and is told primarily from the Indian point of view as obtained from interviews from Chief Posey's relatives on the White Mesa reservation. qThe bullet struck her back. She crawled away, gritting her teeth and trying not to yell out in pain which would surely bring more bullets in her direction. Not wanting to give away the position of the two braves and herself, she clenched her teeth as her agony increased, and to make sure she was not heard, she pulled a corner of the shawl from her shoulder and put it in her mouth to smother her cries. She died there in the bushes without a sound, protecting those she loved.qTrulaka, who had finished applying tallow to his long braids to make them shiny and pliable, was teasing Mikes Boy for the blunder. Wash and the ... The men had grown tired of fish, venison jerky, dried fruits and nuts during the past week and the fresh meat was thoroughly enjoyed. ... In the Blue Mountains north of White Mesa the hunts for the elusive wild turkeys and other animals had not been good.

Title:Chief Posey's Run
Author:Al Boyd
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-04


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