Childfree and Sterilized

Childfree and Sterilized

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This book examines the relatively new social and medical phenomenon of women in the developed countries of the world choosing to remain childfree and electing for sterilization rather than continuing with other forms of contraception. Twenty-three voluntarily childfree, sterilized women, aged 22 to 51 years, tell their stories, revealing the struggles they faced in being women without children in a society which expects women to be mothers. They describe the many barriers encountered on the way to being sterilized, including prejudice from those around them as well as hostility and refusal from the medical profession. The women recall how their reasons and decisions were ignored or pathologized by doctors who held unquestioned assumptions about how women should be. Feminist and sociological perspectives are employed to highlight that voluntarily childfree women are perceived as abnormal, not qrealq women, and are often the target of negative and critical comment.I was admitted for a hysterectomy but, in fact, had an ovarian cyst removed and had the tubes tied at the same time. ... thirteen years until it was discovered that the surgeon had failed to remove her IUD, as requested during the sterilization procedure. ... does have known hazards and side effects and is fraught with complications which threaten the health of many ... Four years after the sterilization I had an ectopic pregnancy which almost cost me my life then an ovarian cyst and furtheranbsp;...

Title:Childfree and Sterilized
Author:Annily Campbell
Publisher:A&C Black - 1999


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