Childhood Dying

Childhood Dying

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qThis book is a cry from the heart from a parent and activist. Paul Price asks againa€”with chapter and verse of research supporting hima€”why we are pushing our children so hard that we threaten the rich and subtle discoveries of childhood.q a€”Dr. Mike Rose, professor, Graduate School of Education, UCLA, author of Possible Lives: The Promise of Public Education in America qPaul Price has written a daring book to challenge establishment views in Childhood Dying. Anyone seriously concerned about the perilous state of 'childhood' in America today should pick up and read Childhood Dying.q a€”Lawrence Diller, M.D., author of Running on Ritalin and The Last Normal Child qWhat a goldmine this book can be for anyone who realizes that there is more than one way to achieve education. Children learn best when they are learning of things they are passionate about.q a€”Terrie Runolfson, founder, The Homeschool Resource Center qChildhood Dying is a must read for all educators and parents exposed to the current academic culture. This fresh perspective on learning is enlightening.q a€”Christine De Persia and Patricia Ryan, public school teachers Childhood Dying is a call for parents, educators, and politicians to deconstruct our repressive, monolithic public school system and usher in a new era of educational freedom that will allow the fulfillment of each child's unique gifts.aquot;This book is a cry from the heart from a parent and activist.

Title:Childhood Dying
Author:Paul H. Price
Publisher:American University & College Press - 2008


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