Childhood in America

Childhood in America

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What is lesbian literature? Must it contain overtly lesbian characters, and portray them in a positive light? Must the author be overtly (or covertly) lesbian? Does there have to be a lesbian theme and must it be politically acceptable? Marilyn Farwell here examines the work of such writers as Adrienne Rich, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Jeanette Winterson, Gloria Naylor, and Marilyn Hacker to address these questions. Dividing their writings into two genres--the romantic story and the heroic, or quest, story, Farwell addresses some of the most problematic issues at the intersection of literature, sex, gender, and postmodernism. Illustrating how the generational conflict between the lesbian- feminists of twenty years ago and the queer theorists of today stokes the critical fires of contemporary lesbian and literary theory, Heterosexual Plots and Lesbian Narratives concludes by arguing for a broad and generous definition of lesbian writing.It is usually a continuous, fretful cry, rarely strong and lusty. What is the cry of ... How can we be sure that a child is crying to be indulged? If he stops ... What should be done if a baby cries at night? ... He should simply be allowed to a€œcry it out.

Title:Childhood in America
Author:Paula S. Fass, Mary Ann Mason
Publisher:NYU Press - 2000-01


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