Children of an Everlasting Heaven

Children of an Everlasting Heaven

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They were as different as the creatures of the land are to the creatures of the sea. They were a people in the spirit and children of their God. For over 30 years they were in the spirit with their God (in the wilderness) and learning a new way of understanding. Finally a dream came upon them. They were at a banquet. There were two long tables covered with elegant white tablecloths. One full of the food they knew and loved and with engraved candles and white dinner plates. The other table bare except for large white plates with unusual food at one end. As unusual as the food was - it was delicious. Upon awakening they worked out the dream. The food on the first table was symbolic for their existing beliefs and traditions. The other table represented a new way of life in the spirit a€“ the Way of the Holy Spirit One outcome of this journey is new knowledge in the spirit - and in books titled The Science of Life and Dimensional Energy Physics. The Third Testament used by this Life in the Spirit group is in the Appendix. The opening words of the Third Testament are: Seek compassion not perfection Seek techniques of reconciliation Children of an Everlasting Heaven is a tale of a man and a woman destined to be eternal companions (also a gourmet feast for those curious about Life in the Spirit). Their journey begins with a chance meeting in an Australian court. An impossible coincidence presents itself a€“ during World War II Dartha€™s Polish Catholic mother hid a German Jewish girl under her bed when Gestapo came hunting Jews. It becomes clear Helen is the daughter of that woman! She takes an interest in what he is doing - researching court orders organised by lawyers and used to aid a€œproperty thefta€ and protect child sexual abuse. That research is documented on his medical sites. ( On the surface such AVOs protect a person from violence. He also wants to document the medical impact on people subject to exploitation. People over 50 cannot find work because a mentality in control does not employ over 50a€™s. Instead, laws are in place which force such to volunteer to work with no pay. The a€œforcea€ is achieved by harassment: a man with debilitating arthritis works for no pay lifting heavy furniture to avoid harassment by bureaucrats. Helen, a young Rabbi with ideal Aryan looks and a figure to die for, begins teaching her man about Life in the Spirit a€“ a mystery passed (in the spirit) from Aaron (the first priest). It is the Promised Land or the Kingdom of Heaven. Virtual reality forms in the mind and a person learns to use mental images. Darth is the Immortal Lord and in him the Holy Spirit strong. His manner of leading his people in the spirit is to come across as a lost soul who needs guidance. Often wondering if his legal research that is identifying laws and court orders abused or used to protect child sexual abuse is more important than trying to assist his people in the spirit? Parts are romance a€“ boy meets girl, boy dates girl, boy and girl argue, boy and girl kiss, boy and girl fall in love. In other chapters Helen locks his mind and explains mysteries. In time she is suspicious a€“ he is linking to Life in the Spirit groups with the innocence of a dove and the cunning of a serpent a€“ in Kaspa and Delilah (Chapter 16) using delightful cartoon imagery the little ghost is looking for his dad using maps he asks those he comes upon a€“ Rabbi, Catholic Sister, Islamic woman with a veil, a Buddhist monk a€“ to help him understand. Some visions are a€“ magnificent a€“ in a high quality 3-D panoramic vision like a majestic alien landscape formed from effervescent and shimmering vibrations of light, he looking a touch like Darth Vader of Star Wars, he flows: a€œWhile there is one child who dies from hunger or lack of care a€“ we are at war. Jesus said his kingdom is notLisa left. Sara soon followed. Kara, 7, was in the lounge with Harla. The two were looking through their equivalent of a TV program. The television channels had names such as the Noble Way Channel, Catholic Channel, Buddhist Channel, anbsp;...

Title:Children of an Everlasting Heaven
Author:Arthur Winarczyk
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-04-27


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