Children with Tourette Syndrome

Children with Tourette Syndrome

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When first published, this guide for parents of children and teens with Tourette syndrome (TS) was the only book to offer up-to-date information and advice for families. Now in an updated edition, CHILDREN WITH TOURETTE SYNAnDROME offers even more. There's new information on the latest research and medical developments in the field, and sections on education, legal rights, family life, daily care, and emotional issues are thoroughly revised. Written by leading experts in the field and exAnperienced parents, this guide provides an excellent blend of professional expertise and empathetic advice. Families with newly diagnosed children find answers to their most pressing questions about this often perplexAning neurological disorder, as well as coping strategies and emotional support. The second edition includes new information about the effects of Tourette syndrome at different stages of development from childhood into adultAnhood. There's more on coexisting conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, Asperger syndrome, and learning disabilities. The book also provides an overview of the biochemistry of TS, what to expect from a medical workup, as well as a discussion of more than 30 different drugs used to treat TS and related conditions. There are strategies for coping with many of the challenging characteristics of TS such as impulsivity, obsessive thoughts, attention and sleep problems, and difficulties with sensory integration. A new chapter on Habit Reversal Training (HRT) explains how this behavior intervention can help some people control tics. Parents find the latest on special education rights, and expanded information on how to design an appropriate education plan for their child. For families raising a child with TS, this comAnprehensive handbook gives them hope and relieves their sense of isolation. It's also essential reading for professionals and teachers who need to understand this complex disorder. Praise for the previous edition: a€œProvides parents with useful coping strategies while focusing on ways to encourage children to reach their highest potential.a€ a€”LIBRARY JOURNALA Parentsa#39; Guide Tracy Lynne Marsh. If your child does ... There are also medications that can help with associated disorders such as AD/HD, OCD, rage attacks, or depression. ... Every child reacts differently to different drugs, so dona#39;t be discouraged if the first medication the specialist prescribes doesna#39;t do everything youa#39;d hoped. ... As a parent, your role in your childa#39;s medical treatment is crucial.

Title:Children with Tourette Syndrome
Author:Tracy Lynne Marsh
Publisher: - 2007


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