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Still reeling from the nightmare excesses of CHIMERAWORLD #1? Relax a while and enjoy the ambient tones of sadness, depression, degradation and utter hopelessness of CHIMERAWORLD #2. Twenty three of the most mentally corrosive stories from twenty three of the most innovative authors ever assembled in one collection. Stories from Steve Lockley a Paul Lewis, Brian W Keen, Kurt Newton, Dustin LaValley, David L Tamarin, Derek Gunn, Michele Acker, Anthony Cain, William D. Carl, Glen Alan Hamilton, Quentin S Crisp, J. M. Heluk, Charles Richard Laing, Ken Goldman, Nicholas Alan Tillemans, Suzanne Church, Eric Shapiro, Tony Richards, Karen James, John Meany, Andrew Zimmerman Jones, Richard Lee and Destiny West.It gets into your clothes and hair and even works its way into every pore of your skin. You reek of the ... I watch, helpless yet curiously fascinated, as one of those brown little cockroaches scuttles over my chest. I can feel its tiny ... I swallow tentatively, a well of my drool has already begun to cascade over my lower lip and ooze its way down my chin. ... The pressure is getting worse, relax I tell myself, just let it go, you have no other choice. I succumb ... How it would be to feel anything real.

Author:Mike Philbin - 2005-09


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