China, the Oval Office, and UFO's

China, the Oval Office, and UFO's

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In this installment of the Alien Ambassador series, China's UFO experience and its reverse engineering efforts are finally exposed. Members of GUTS (Galaxtic University for Technology and Science) leave their underground base on Mars and return to earth with a female Cyanmite that has the ability to travel back in time. With this creature's time travel powers, Tom and his alien wife Crystal travel back in time to learn how our government began its cover-up of all encounters with aliens and their crafts. This book is the second of the Alien Ambassador serieswould put all in attendance some 175 years ahead of the scientists on earth in all major disciplines. ... He kept going over in his mind all that had happened before the school started and all that had occurred throughout the school year trying to come up with a reason for which the ... It had been rough getting this project off the ground with the major governments trying to stop the project from day one.

Title:China, the Oval Office, and UFO's
Author:J J Gregory
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-05


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