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The Tucson Kid battles the crime bosses and criminals of the Barbary Coast and the Tongs of Chinatown to rescue a young woman. The Tucson Kid travels to San Francisco to rescue the daughter of an old friend from a Barbary Coast crime boss who is keeping her prisoner. Once in the city, he is approached by a wealthy politician and the Police Commissioner who ask him to look into the Tong wars that are rocking San Francisco. As Tucson begins investigating the Tongs, he also sets into motion a plan to liberate the young woman. He leaves a blood-spattered and corpse littered trail behind him as he moves through the underworld of San Francisco, taking on the bosses and criminals of the Barbary Coast and ending with an epic battle with the vicious Tongs of Chinatown.Faint light filtered into the room through a small grilled opening in the thick, iron- strapped door. By its glow, he ... Should he try to pick the lock, or should he create some kind of diversion to attract a guard who would open the door for him.

Author:Richard Dawes - 2014-11-01


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