Chocolate - iCook Italian

Chocolate - iCook Italian

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The first to discover it were the Mayas, who considered it to be the food of the gods. They happily cultivated it thanks to their tropical climate and drank it in cups with some additional spices. However, as soon as the Spanish anchored on the east coast of Mexico, they began exporting it back to Europe. It first appeared in Italy in Modica, in Sicily, a Spanish protectorate at the time, from where it spread throughout the peninsula, soon becoming a staple part of the culinary tradition of the Belpaese, and a fundamental ingredient in cakes and desserts. 40 different ways to enjoy chocolate: iCook Italian recipes allow young and old, cooks and confectioners, chocoholics and neophytes to prepare and enjoy chocolate specialities. Try the incredibly refined truffles, the silky soft cake known as the sette veli, or the Chocolate Almond Cake and you will understand why the Maya considered it to be the food of the gods. All recipes come with recommendations from our wine expert.Dual. Colour. Biscuits. ServeS 6 Time: 35 minuTeS + reSTing DifficulTy: eaSy INGREDIENTS 270g plain flour 125g butter 2 yolks 100g caster sugar rind of 1a„2 unwaxed lemon, grated 15g bitter cocoa powder 1 egg white In a bowl, sift 250g ofanbsp;...

Title:Chocolate - iCook Italian
Publisher:Script edizioni - 2011-08


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