Chocolate Macaroons and a Dead Groom

Chocolate Macaroons and a Dead Groom

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When Poppy Peters takes an internship in Paris working for a top pastry chef, she realizes that bakery life isn't all cupcakes and frosting. The sous pastry chef dislikes foreigners, her mentor only speaks French, and to top that all off she finds the groom of the wedding she's catering dead in his own backyard. But Lord Dovington wasn't just a handsome royal waiting to sweep his bride-to-be off of her feet. He was also a well-known playboy with a long line of vengeful exes. Now, as one of the prime suspects, Poppy must prove she's innocent . . . and that her recipe for chocolate macaroons isn't to blame. But the clock is ticking, and with a missing diamond, a break-in, and a hot batch of reporters on her tail, Poppy has a lot of sifting to do. Will she find the killer before she too gets baked? **Recipes Included** Poppy Peters Mysteries: Southern Peach Pie a A Dead Guy (book #1) Chocolate Macaroons and a Dead Groom (book #2) Ice Cream Bombes and Stolen Thongs (short story in the qKiller Beach Readsq collection) What critics are saying: qA sweet and satisfying mystery that will leave you hungry for more! A. Gardner's Poppy Peters Mysteries have earned a place on my keeper shelf!q a€”Gemma Halliday, New York Times a USA Today bestselling mystery author qI defy anyone to read this and not want a piece of pie. This is a book that can probably be finished in one sitting which is a good thing, because it will give you time to try your hand at something to satisfy those cravings. I do know that I plan to bring fresh baked cookies and a glass of milk with me when I read the next book in this series.q a€”Madderly Review qOne of the best perks of summer is eating a warm slice of Georgia peach pie. Throw in a murder and youa€™ve got the makings of a juicy cozy mystery. Southern Peach Pie and a Dead Guy: A Poppy Peters Mystery by debut author A. Gardner is a delicious e-book.q a€”MomTrends, Ebook Pick for Summeraquot;You want me to make French ... The technique is what makes the nutty sandwich cookies so hard to get right. ... She always offered words of encouragement, even when I burnt a batch of her double chocolate chip cookies.

Title:Chocolate Macaroons and a Dead Groom
Author:A. Gardner
Publisher:Gemma Halliday Publishing - 2015-09-16


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