Chocolate on Trial

Chocolate on Trial

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Chocolate on Trial: Cadbury, Slavery and the Economics of Virtue in Imperial Britain gives a lively and highly readable account of the events surrounding the libel trial in which Cadbury Bros. Ltd. sued the London Standard, following the newspaper's accusation that the firm was hypocritical in its use of slave-grown cocoa. As compelling now as at the turn of the previous century, the issues probed by Lowell J. Satre give invaluable historical background to contemporary issues of business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and globalization.The story Satre tells illuminates what a stubbornly persistent institution slavery was and shows how Cadbury, a company with a well-regarded brand name and logo, endured ethical dilemmas and challenges to its record for social responsibility. Chocolate on Trial brings to life the age-old conflict between economic interests and the value of human life.... 114 on Fox Bourne, 133a€“34 libel writ from Cadbury Bros., 106 Nevinsona#39;s article, 105a€“6 on Portuguese government, 110 Mantero, ... 23, 137a€“38, 194a€“95 invitation to Cadbury Bros., 25 Manual Labour in S. ThomAc and Principe, 194a€“95, 220 presentation of Burtta#39;s report, ... 81 Mate Kole, 130 Mathias, E. M., 59 Maxse, Leo, 183 Mayo, Earl of, 20, 45 MendonAsa, Henrique Monteiro de, 88a€“89, 138 Merck, anbsp;...

Title:Chocolate on Trial
Author:Lowell Joseph Satre
Publisher:Ohio University Press - 2005


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