Choose to Get Out of Brokeville

Choose to Get Out of Brokeville

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The choices you make today dona€™t just affect youa€” they affect your friends, your family, and future generations. Choose to Get Out of Brokeville is a book designed to rev up your engine so you can drive right out of Brokeville and on into the life that you want-the life you choose. This book gets to the heart of the matter. It explains why you are broke. It will help you to identify attitudes and choices that Brokeville is famous for and shows you how to avoid them. It explains how to make choices that will help you everyday everytime for everything and everyone. Ita€™s bluntness is amusing yet cuts to the heart. It is designed to motivate you to be better at life, better as a person, better with your loved ones, better with your paycheck, and to be better in all areas of life. Getting out of Brokeville begins with identifying the attitudes and choices that have been holding you back and taking action to change your situation. In this guidebook, youa€™ll learn how to: a€clook at yourself honestly in order to correct bad behavior; a€cmotivate yourself to be better to yourself and those around you; a€cspend your money wisely, and stay out of debt; a€cget out of Brokeville once and for all! Success or failure is totally up to you, but you need to develop a plan if you want to accomplish your goals. When you Choose to Get Out of Brokeville, youa€™ll enjoy a happier life that includes financial freedom.this one day or I willfind someone who can use it in some way. What do we really do with that stuff? We put it in the back of our closet with all the other stuff we might use one day. Or we put it in the garage, where the car is supposed to be.

Title:Choose to Get Out of Brokeville
Author:Misty D. Rains
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08-10


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