Chow Chow Dogs For Pets

Chow Chow Dogs For Pets

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Chow Chow dogs are certainly not like any other dog breed. For one, he has a blue tongue, the unique mark of the pure breed. For another, he is descended from bears, not wolves, or so legend has it. Unlike other dogs that crave companionship from its owners, the chow has a very independent nature. The Chow Chow is one of the most ancient dog breeds and is the ancestor of many of the breeds that exist today. Perhaps it is that long-established pedigree that gives him a distinguished air. Caring for a chow is also a special endeavor. As a special breed, the chow has particular needs. He is prone to many diseases and ailments, so diet must be specialized. His coat of hair is his mark of health, so grooming is an ongoing essential. He is stubborn and independent, so training and socialization must start at an early age. There is so much information to digest about chow chows and caring for them. This book is an excellent help to the new Chow dog owner as you will learn: Am The typical characteristics of the Chow Chow Am How to buy a Chow Chow Am How to choose food for your Chow Chow Am How to care for your Chow Chowa€™s health Am How to groom your Chow Chow Am How to housetrain your Chow Chow Am How to socialize your Chow Chow The Chow Chow is a tough dog to please. Hea€™s aristocratic, arrogant, reserved and aloofa€”so you have to adjust to his whims and fancies. But, if you have the dedication and enthusiasm to take him in to your home, they can make a swell pet and you can be assured of a lifetime of love and understanding from your dog friend.Checking hiN• feet: Cut NƒE¾ur doga#39;s toenails EmvEmrNƒfortnight EdN• lE¾ng toenails NEdn mEdkEmwEdlking difficult.CutthEmm EdftEmr givinghim a bath. IfhEmiN• reluctant tE¾ gEmt hiN•nEdilN•cut, hEm mEdNƒ bEm nippedEdnd thiN• mEdNƒdEmtEmrhim frE¾m gEmtting thEmm Nut a N•EmNE¾ndtime.

Title:Chow Chow Dogs For Pets
Author:Jose K. Nichols
Publisher:KMSPublishing - 2013-11-29


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