Christian Fruit--Jewish Root

Christian Fruit--Jewish Root

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Christian Fruit--Jewish Root is an in-depth, scholarly examination of the Hebraic foundations of the major tenets and practices of Christianity. This volume confirms the truth that the inherent Jewishness of the Christian faith is simply an undeniable historical and theological fact. By evaluating Christian doctrine and polity through the Jewish mindset of Jesus and the apostles, this book uncovers a veritable treasure of Hebraic truth. For every authentic Christian fruit, there is a Jewish toot! This truth id demonstrated across a wide spectrum of theological truth, including: Scripture, Messiah, Salvation, Faith, Baptism, Gospel, Grace, and Descipleship. Christianity owes a profound debt of gratitude to the Jewish people and to biblical and Second Temple Judaism for the foundations of the truths and practices that it hold dear. As you read this challenging, informative, and inspirational book, you will be amazed at just how Jewish Christianity, the qother Jewish religion, q actually is.Manual of Discipline (Dead Sea Scrolls, ), 1QS 3:6, 8; 4:16; 5:6, 7; 8:6, 10; 9:4; 10: 17. Marsh, James L. ... Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang AG, European Academic Publishers, 2004. Marthaler ... Geelong, Australia: Trailblazer Ministries, 2010.

Title:Christian Fruit--Jewish Root
Author:John D. Garr
Publisher:Golden Key Press - 2015-04-13


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