Christianity & Bioethics

Christianity & Bioethics

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It's difficult to see a family member suffer, yet is it right to take actions to relieve that suffering which might hasten their death? Is human cloning something we should allow to happen? Should doctors be allowed to assist patients who choose to die rather than continue to live in pain or with a disease? As medical technology improves, the challenges to your ethical and religious convictions will certainly increase. Sooner or later, you will find yourself making medical choices that have faith implications. This book will help you begin the process of determining what you believe God would want you to do in the face of these challenging situations. This is a must read book!James D. Watson and Francis Crick, of the basic structure of the DNA ( deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule. This is the famous ... DNA is responsible for transmitting hereditary characteristics from parent to child. Watson and ... A cell is the basic unit of life. ... These sequences are instructions required for constructing proteins.

Title:Christianity & Bioethics
Author:Mark Wesley Foreman
Publisher:College Press - 1999


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