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Many Christians have told me to quit being so nit-picking and let by-gone be be-gones, that what happened in the past was then, and now is now and things have changed. But, that is not true. Christians still read from their so-called NEW testament that is full of Jew-bashing, so subliminal that most Christians overlook it. It is not my desire to claim Christianity is wrong and that you should not believe in your god a€“ but I want people to think. Perhaps what you have been led to believe is wrong? Think... Why is it wrong for a Christian to deny the divinity of Jesus yet why do Christians turn their blind eye to Christians Missionaries trying to convert Jews against the basic tenants of Judaism? Why is it that most all pictures of the different characters in Christianity have a sun-disk above their heads? The Church made its own a€œspina€ on this calling them halos, but didna€™t the Church change Sabbath to Sunday, the day of the sun? Who actually wrote the Christian bible that Christians all over the world swear it? The Church admits they really dona€™t know for sure and only guessed. Did Jesus write anything in the NEW testament, or was his thoughts written by men who thought they knew? Why did it take 2, 000 years before the Pope acknowledged the Christian hatred towards Jews and the need for Christians to repent? Why all of a sudden were the Church wrong and the Jews right?Mormons claim it was actually their god who had direct physical sexual relations with Mary. Hmmmmm. Mormonism is split on the opinion of the Virgin Birth. Many Mormons believe the same as the Catholic Church as Protestants do, whileanbsp;...

Author:Hugh Fogelman
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-05-29


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