Christmas Male

Christmas Male

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Subject: Captain D. C. Campbell, Military Police. Current Status: A little boreda€bbut not for long! Mission: Getting his hands on a priceless stolen diamond. Obstacle: Trying to keep his hands off his sexy new partner, Fiona Gallagher. Fiona has never been into Christmas. Having grown up in a series of foster homes, she has no use for Santaa€bat least until she meets the hottie St. Nick delivers just in time for the holidaysa€”Captain D. C. Campbell. Technically, they're supposed to be working together to find a stolen diamond, one reported to have the power to bring lovers together. Well, they might not have the stone, but Fiona and D.C. aren't having any trouble getting togethera€”in every sexual position possible! But it's only a holiday fling, right? It isa€”unless Fiona's Christmas Male can convince her he's the gift that keeps on givinga€b.Can you make sure General Eddinger knows about this latest development?a€ a€œI will, a€ D.C. said. a€œOn the ... And if he suspects that she had anything at all to do with the attempted robbery, he wona#39;t want to talk to the police.a€ There was a ring in the ... had a full day tomorrow. How had she changed so much in Cara Summers 175.

Title:Christmas Male
Author:Cara Summers
Publisher:Harlequin - 2009-12-01


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