Chrome OS and Secret of Google

Chrome OS and Secret of Google

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a€œMove on to cloud; take cloud OS on your pocket a€œthe main concept of this book is to explain about cloud OS (Chrome OS) administration. The need for Cloud OS is, in the present Operating system if there is any hard disk failure all the data will be lost but with the help of Cloud OS if there is any failure in the chrome book means also the data will not be lost. It will be stored in the cloud and the user can retrieve them. The tips to manage the team within an enterprise with cloud OS are listed neatly. The complete Chrome OS shortcuts and working with command lines are also explained. The installation of Chrome OS in a Chrome book and netbook are given as with neat screenshots step by step process. The entire customization settings of this Chrome OS are elaborately given. Secret of search engines are explained. Many unknown secret of Google and Google products are also given. This book helps to gain more knowledge and you will feel like reading it again and againSay, you have Gmail bookmarked on the bookmarks bar; you dona#39;t really need that name aquot;Gmailaquot; along with the icon. So, leta#39;s get rid of it, and save some space This is how my bookmarks bar looks like! When you press Ctrl + D or click on the anbsp;...

Title:Chrome OS and Secret of Google
Publisher:Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012 - 2012-06-28


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