Chronicle 2021

Chronicle 2021

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A disaster that could have been avoided, the blame game starts and the rot sets in. In this eighth year's worth of entries from a diary stored on a futuristic recording device found after a house fire, an avoidable disaster sets Andrew Woodmaker at odds with those around him. In 2021, scenes of destruction from the other side of the world destroy the soul of a nation, but theirs isna€™t the only country to face disaster. Andrew Woodmaker begins the year with his amazing birthday present, which may catapult him to international stardom, or at least, earn the admiration of friends and family. Nobody knows if it is a work of fiction or a true record of how things happened, and will happen. By reading the diary, some things may have already begun to change, and the future is not what it was. But it could be that this is how it would have been.I lay there for quite a while because it had definitely not put me in the mood for sleep, and so I was wide wide awake by ... I made bacon sandwiches, bacon and fried egg sandwiches, bacon and sausage sandwiches, bacon and mushroomanbsp;...

Title:Chronicle 2021
Author:Andrew Woodmaker
Publisher:MP Publishing - 2014-03-07


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