Chumash - Book of Haftaros: The Gutnick Edition

Chumash - Book of Haftaros: The Gutnick Edition

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The Gutnick Chumash has gained wide acclaim as one of the favorite Chumashim available today. It incorporates a flowing English translation of the Torah which is loyal to Rashi. The 'Classic questions' are drawn from a range of commentators, Midrash and Talmud, which are then ingeniously brought together in the Toras Menachem commentary. It is the first Chumash to include a commentary anthologized from the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The Chumash also boasts a large sampling of inspirational Chasidic thoughts and insights into the Parsha, as well as practical lessons for our daily lives. The diagrams, charts, and illustrations all add to make this the perfect Chumash for layman or scholar. Beautifully bound in a hand-tooled leather style cover, both inside and outside are sure to impress. This elegantly slip-cased Book of Haftaros is the ultimate companion to the Gutnick series, with a new translation accordind to the metzudos as well historical information and Chasidic insights.11 a€œThey will then come and sing praises from Mount Tziyon, and converge to ( receive) Goda#39;s goodnessa€”the grain, the wine and the oil, and the ... 14 This is what God said: a€œA voice has been heard on high, of wailing and bitter weeping.

Title:Chumash - Book of Haftaros: The Gutnick Edition
Author:Chaim Miller
Publisher:Kol Menachem - 2006-09


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