Church History Study Guide, Pt. 2

Church History Study Guide, Pt. 2

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Church History 1831 to 1844. This volume is the second of three on Church History and the Doctrine and Covenants. It covers Church history during the Kirtland and Missouri periods, including a series of breathtaking revelations on temples, the Plan of Salvation, the three kingdoms of glory, the Second Coming, principles of priesthood power, the Word of Wisdom, and the Law of the Church. We also learn about fasting, tithing, missionary work, and enduring to the end. We go with the Prophet Joseph Smith and Saints through the crucible of trials in Missouri and Liberty Jail. Then we follow them on to Nauvoo, where the Kingdom rose again on the Mississippi River, work for the dead was introduced, and the law of celestial marriage was revealed. Again, persecution raised its ugly head, ending in the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith at Carthage. In all, it covers 11 years of Church History, and covers sections 100-135 of the Doctrine and Covenants. The cover features a€œBrother Joseph, a€ a beautiful portrait of the Prophet Joseph Smith, by David Lindsley. Table of Contents: Ch. Title (Scripture Refs) ** KIRTLAND a MISSOURI PERIOD (Cont'd.) 17. Law of the Fast a Law of Tithing (1831, 1838) (DaC 59;119;120) 18. The Kirtland Temple (1835-36) (DaC 95; 109-110) 19. Our Father's Plan of Salvation (1830-1843) (DaC 19;29;58;76;88;93;128;131;137-138) 20. Visions of the Kingdoms of Glory (1832-36) (DaC 76;131-132;137) 21. Looking for the Second Coming (1831-39) (DaC 29;34;45;88;101;133) 22. The Word of Wisdom (1833) (DaC 89; 49) 23. Learning by Experience a Faith (1833) (DaC 88) 24. Avoiding Apostasy/Enduring to the End (1830-31) (DaC 26;28;43;50;52) 25. Principles of Priesthood Power (1830) (DaC 84; 121) 26. Taking the Gospel to the World (DaC 42;88;112) 27. Saints Must Be Tried Like Abraham (1829-30) (DaC 101;103;105) 28. Revelations from Liberty Jail (1831) (DaC 121-122) ** THE NAUVOO PERIOD 29. The Kingdom Rises in Nauvoo (1839-42) (DaC 124) 30. Work for the Dead Begins (1840-42) (DaC 2;124;127-128;JS-H 36-39) 31. Eternal Marriage a Sealings (1843-44) (DaC 131-132) 32. The Martyrdom at Carthage (1844) (DaC 135) ** Special chapter providing additional informationsaid that Joseph tried to persuade his pregnant wife to go with him to Carthage, but she declined because of the children and her delicate condition. ... Joseph stopped his horse beside the boys, dismounted, and shook each boya#39;s hand.

Title:Church History Study Guide, Pt. 2
Author:Randal S. Chase
Publisher:Plain & Precious Publishing -


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