Church History Study Guide, Pt. 3

Church History Study Guide, Pt. 3

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Latter-Day Prophets Since 1844. This volume is the third of three on Church History and the Doctrine and Covenants. It covers Church history during the administration of all of its Prophet-Prophets since Joseph Smith. It begins with the succession of the Apostles after Joseph Smitha€™s martyrdom, the building of the Nauvoo Temple, and the trek to the west of the Latter-day Saint pioneers. We follow them through Iowa, Winter Quarters, and on to Utah. We witness the colonization of the state of Deseret, while the rest of the country suffered from Civil War. Then we follow events through the administrations of all of the 19th-Century, 20th-Century, and 21st-Century prophets from John Taylor to Thomas S. Monson. We become familiar with the early lives, missions, marriages, and callings of each of these prophets, seeing how the Lord prepared them for the particular time that they led the Church. We finish with a look toward the future as we await the Second Coming of our Lord. The cover features a beautiful photograph of the Salt Lake Temple, taken at dusk during the Christmas season from the roof of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Table of Contents: Ch. Title (Scripture Refs) THE BRIGHAM YOUNG ERA 33. Priesthood Keys a Succession; Nauvoo Temple (1846) (DaC 107) 34. Iowa Trek, Mormon Battalion, Winter Quarters (1847) (DaC 136) 35. Trek to Utah a Place of Refuge (1847a€“48) 36a. Colonization a Handcart Pioneers (1848a€“57) 36b. The Utah War a Civil War (1857a€“67) 36c. Brigham Young's Final Decade (1867a€“77) LATE 19TH CENTURY PROPHETS 37. John Taylor: Faithfulness in Persecution (1877a€“87) 38. Wilford Woodruff: Time of Reconciliation (1887a€“98) (OD1) 39. Lorenzo Snow: Tithing a Turn of the Century (1898a€“1901) 20TH CENTURY PROPHETS 40. Joseph F. Smith: Link with the Past; Spirit World (1901a€“18) (DaC 138) 41. Heber J. Grant: Perseverance, Welfare, a War (1918a€“45) 42. George Albert Smith: Forgiveness a Healing (1945a€“51) 43. David O. McKay: A Worldwide Church (1951a€“70) 44. Joseph Fielding Smith: Doctrine a Innovation (1970a€“72) 45. Harold B. Lee: Correlation a Consolidation (1972a€“73) 46. Spencer W. Kimball: Strides a Priesthood (1973a€“85) (OD2) 47. Ezra Taft Benson: Liberty, Pride, Bk of Mormon (1985a€“94) 48. Howard W. Hunter: Following Christ a Worthiness (1994a€“95) 49a. Gordon B. Hinckley: Families a Media Mgmt (1995a€“99) (Proc.Family) PROPHETS OF THE 21ST CENTURY 49b. Gordon B. Hinckley: Temples a Perpetual Ed (2000a€“08) 50. Thomas S. Monson: Charity, Growth, a Destiny (2008a€“ )My father would get after me because I couldna#39;t keep that horse in the barn. She never ran away ... Joseph was ten years old, . . . it was at that tender age that he began assisting [his mother] in her professional duties as a licensed midwife or obstetrician. Josepha#39;s job was that of stable boy and buggy driver. At all hours of theanbsp;...

Title:Church History Study Guide, Pt. 3
Author:Randal S. Chase
Publisher:Plain & Precious Publishing - 2012-05-31


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