Church in Society

Church in Society

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CHURCH IN SOCIETY / PERSPECTIVES OF AN ANABAPTIST PASTORWhile doing the last entry in this book, entitled WHICH WAY?, I was queried about my intended audience. My reply? Oprah Winfrey, and President Obama. Seriously. I would love to garner their responses to that section. I also wish I could have said, qChristopher Reeve.q But it was too late for that. You, the reader, will be limited to his own brief description of his faith (page 266), as quoted from The Readers' Digest, October, 2004, and to my response. If I were asked the question today, I would add, qGlenn Beck.q Is that a different side of the story? Or can vastly different philosophies sprout from a common stem?Twenty-first century America: Can we be bothered with sobering questions, as to how we've missed the way? Can blind pursuit of personal pleasures and comforts be deferred, while we seek the reality of that which would satisfy the soul? Are we willing to be disturbed now, in order to embrace costly solutions to deadly personal and societal problems?Where to look? Truth. Truth is unwavering, and impervious to attack. Truth will not step down to take sides. Granted permission, truth assumes command, and sifts everything. It demands full surrender first, and sets free afterward. It replaces self assurance with humility, and hatred with compassion. It gives corrected vision through lenses of love and courage.Musty stuff? It isn't. Truth is ultimate treasure, embodied in the eternal God, and in his Son, Jesus Christ. Our fall into untruth is what moved Jesus Christ to bridge the chasm when we were all on the losing side. He is qthe way, the truth, and the life.qLester TroyerAnd yes, I would like to know how you are doing.E-mail address: lestroyer@emypeople.netToday, the efforts to keep drinkers from driving have been greatly enhanced through rigid law enforcement. This is as it ... Yet, the concern for impaired driving is still a minor part of this great social problem. It is one thing ... Alcohol does two things. ... influence. Getting behind the wheel doesna#39;t change the fact. The failure of driving skills merely marks the dangerous incompetence of the inebriated person.

Title:Church in Society
Author:Lester Troyer
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2011-02-01


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