Cilia, Ciliated Epithelium, and Ciliary Activity

Cilia, Ciliated Epithelium, and Ciliary Activity

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Cilia, Ciliated Epithelium, and Ciliary Activity reviews the state of knowledge of the activity of cilia and of the role these structures play in maintaining the normal physiology of the body, especially in the respiratory and genital systems. It relates the diversity of manifestations shown by cilia and ciliated epithelium in health and disease, and the effect of the physicochemical agents studied which influence the life and death of these structures. The volume is organized into five sections. Section A provides a general discussion on the history of studies on the ciliated epithelium; the distribution and morphology of cilia; development, regeneration and transformation of ciliated cells; and culture of cilia and ciliated epithelium. Section B deals with ciliary activity while Section C examines the effects of physical and chemical agents on cilia. Section D takes up the function of cilia. Section E contains a list of references of the literature on these topics from the historical beginning of studies in the field to the time of writing. This volume is intended to be a ready-made reference source for workers in the fields of biological sciences and medicine.In mammals, cilia are involved in the normal physiology of the entire respiratory tract, especially in the mechanism of ... The normal ciliated epithelial cells perform the mechanical function of moving complete structures in currents of fluid medium or minute particles along surfaces. ... However, the evidence points toward the fact that these frail-appearing (ciliated) cells do 2 GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS.

Title:Cilia, Ciliated Epithelium, and Ciliary Activity
Author:José A. Rivera
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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