Ciliary Function in Mammalian Development

Ciliary Function in Mammalian Development

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Cilia--the tiny hairlike structures on the surface of cells--have recently been identified as playing a role in a variety of disease and developmental disorders. Absent or defective cilia in certain cells can cause infertility, blindness, kidney disease, and lung disease. This volume presents recent findings in cilia research and current thought on the role of cilia in disease and developmental abnormalities.Similarly, Chlamydomonas cells use adhesive properties of glycoproteins in cilia coupled with molecular motors to move ... in some species, sperm bind to the ciliary membrane of the ciliated epithelial cells of the oviduct (Lefebvre et al., 1995).

Title:Ciliary Function in Mammalian Development
Author:Bradley Yoder
Publisher:Academic Press - 2011-09-06


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