Circus Queen & Tinker Bell

Circus Queen & Tinker Bell

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This engaging memoir follows the life and career of circus performer Tiny Kline (1891-1964) from the burlesque house to the circus tent, and on to Disneyland and the silver screen. While working for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum a Bailey Circus, Kline became well known for her signature qslide for lifeq stunt, an qiron jawq act in which she slid to the ground while dangling from trapeze rigging by her teeth. Kline renewed her spectacular acrobatics at the age of seventy when she played Tinker Bell in the qFantasy in the Skyq fireworks show at Disneyland. In that same year, she also began writing her life story. Extensively annotated by Janet M. Davis, this memoir documents twentieth-century changes in popular amusements, while providing fresh insight into circus personalities such as John Ringling, acrobat Lillian Leitzel, and big cat trainer Mabel Stark, as well as mainstream entertainers like Florenz Ziegfeld, John Philip Sousa, and others. Kline also provides intimate details about the daily machinations at the circus, including fascinating accounts of its sexual politics, racial dynamics, risky nature, and labor relations.Harry, as a clown, had been with the outfit for a number of seasons, while Mabel got her start in 1911, when the circus went ... a€œWell, okay, if you are satisfied with what little we pay youa€”ten dollars per weeka€”I will make a place for you with the anbsp;...

Title:Circus Queen & Tinker Bell
Author:Tiny Kline, Janet M. Davis
Publisher:University of Illinois Press - 2008


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