Citizen Engineer

Citizen Engineer

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a€œEngineers create many of the inventions that shape our society, and as such they play a vital role in determining how we live. This new book does an outstanding job of filling in the knowledge and perspective that engineers must have to be good citizens in areas ranging from the environment, to intellectual property, to ensuring the health of the innovation ecosystem that has done so much for modern society. This is exactly the sort of book that engineers and those who work with them should read and discuss over pizza, coffee, or some other suitable, discussion-provoking consumable.a€ a€”John L. Hennessy, president, Stanford University a€œCitizen Engineer is the bible for the new era of socially responsible engineering. Ita€™s an era where, as the authors show, engineers dona€™t just need to know more, they need to be more. The work is an inspiration, an exhortation, and a practical how-to guide. All engineers concerned with the impact of their worka€”and that should be all engineersa€”must read this book.a€ a€”Hal Abelson, professor of computer science and engineering, MIT a€œCode is law. Finally, a map to responsible law making. This accessible and brilliant book should be required of every citizen, and especially, the new citizen lawmakers we call engineers.a€ a€”Lawrence Lessig, director, Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University, and cofounder, Creative Commons Being an engineer today means being far more than an engineer. You need to consider not only the design requirements of your projects but the full impact of your worka€”from an ecological perspective, an intellectual property perspective, a business perspective, and a sociological perspective. And you must coordinate your efforts with many other engineers, sometimes hundreds of them. In short, wea€™ve entered an age that demands socially responsible engineering on a whole new scale: The era of the Citizen Engineer. This engaging and thought-provoking book, written by computer industry luminaries David Douglas and Greg Papadopoulos, focuses on two topics that are becoming vitally important in the day-to-day work of engineers: eco engineering and intellectual property (IP). Citizen Engineer also examines how and why the world of engineering has changed, and provides practical advice to help engineers of all types master the new era and start thinking like Citizen Engineers.Utility patents are the most common type; if you can meet the required legal standards of utility, novelty, and nonobviousness, you can be ... For engineers, the a€œexpressiona€ is often in the form of a work product such as software, manuals and specifications, mechanical drawings, ... Copyrights are easier to obtain and last longer than patents, but they protect only the expression of an idea, not the idea itself.

Title:Citizen Engineer
Author:David Douglas, Greg Papadopoulos, John Boutelle
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2009-08-24


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