City Watch

City Watch

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In forty-five years as one of Chicago's liveliest journalists for Time, Life, and the Chicago Tribune, Jon Anderson has established a reputation for picking up on what someone once called qthe beauty of the specific fact.q Part qTalk of the Town, q part On the Road with Charles Kuralt, Anderson's twice-a-week qCity Watchq columns in the Chicago Tribune seek out interesting and unexpected people and places from the everyday life of what the author calls the qmost typical American big city.q In the process he discovers the joys and triumphs of ordinary people. Anderson writes with wit and insight about those who find themselves inspired or obsessed with alternative ways of viewing life or getting through the day. Like the man who started with one light pole, then painted all the poles in his southside neighborhood. Or the founder of Cats-Are-Purrsons-Too, a nun who lives with sixty-seven cats. Or the philosopher who, with no financial success, still publishes a newsletter called qThe Meaning of Life.q After years of hunting down moments of everyday life that have drama and meaning, Anderson offers a book that has curious power, because all of its stories are true. Drawn from the best of Anderson's columns, City Watch introduces readers to an eclectic mix of social clubs, subcultures, and minor celebrities. From Foraging Friends, a group of penniless ecologists who forage for wild foods in a county forest preserve, to the annual Dumpster Diver fashion show, from the Oakton Elementary School chess team to a group that calls itself Some Chicago Anarchists, readers will discover the characters and events that define Chicago's local color.a€œIta#39;s chicken and dumplings. ... Andy Poswal chose potato porridge, he said, because a€œmy mom made a lot ofit in South Africa when we had a ... make African stew and fu-fu (uncooked dough balls) because it is part ofmy heritage, a€ said Arit Nsemo, whose father is from Nigeria. ... its ethnic diversitya€”and to offer a common project to students who, through no fault of their own, often go separate ways.

Title:City Watch
Author:Jon Anderson
Publisher:University of Iowa Press - 2001-05-04


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