CK-12 Earth Science for Middle School

CK-12 Earth Science for Middle School

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CK-12 Foundation's Earth Science for Middle School FlexBook covers the following chapters: What is Earth Science?-scientific method, branches of Earth Science.Studying Earth's Surface-landforms, map projections, computers/satellites.Earth's Minerals-formation, use, identification.Rocks-rock cycle, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic.Earth's Energy-available nonrenewable/renewable resources.Plate Tectonics- Earth's interior, continental drift, seafloor spreading, plate tectonics.Earthquakes-causes/prediction, seismic waves, tsunami.Volcanoes-formation, magma, eruptions, landforms.Weathering and Formation of Soil-soil horizons, climate related soils.Erosion and Deposition-water, wind, gravity.Evidence About Earth's Past-fossilization, relative age dating/absolute age dating.Earth's History-geologic time scale, development, evolution of life.Earth's Fresh Water-water cycle, types of fresh water.Earth's Oceans-formation, composition, waves, tides, seafloor, ocean life.Earth's Atmosphere-properties, significance, layers, energy transfer, air movement.Weather-factors, cloud types, air masses, storms, weather forecasting.Climate-Earth's surface, global climates, causes/impacts of change.Ecosystems and Human Populations-ecosystems, matter/energy flow, carbon cycle, human population growth.Human Actions and the Land-soil erosion, hazardous materials.Human Actions and Earth's Resources-renewable/nonrenewable resources, availability/conservation.MS Human Actions and Earth's Water-use, distribution, pollution, protection.Human Actions and the Atmosphere-air pollution, causes, effects, reduction.Observing and Exploring Space-electromagnetic radiation, telescopes, exploration.Earth, Moon, and Sun-properties/motions, tides/eclipses, solar activity.The Solar System-planets, formation, dwarf planets, meteors, asteroids, comets.Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe-constellations, light/energy, classification, evolution, groupings, galaxies, dark matter, dark energy, the Big Bang Theory.Earth Science Glossary.Wind. Erosion. Ita#39;s very important to control wind erosion of soil. Good soil is a precious resource that takes a long time to form. Covering soil ... Sand dunes form when the wind deposits sand. Loess form ... How does the wind carry. Preventinganbsp;...

Title:CK-12 Earth Science for Middle School
Author:CK-12 Foundation
Publisher:CK-12 Foundation - 2011-10-14


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