Classic Heathkit Electronic Test Equipment

Classic Heathkit Electronic Test Equipment

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Heathkit was world renowned as a manufacturer of electronics in kit form. This book covers Heathkit's test equipment, starting with a brief history of Heathkit, an overview of the test equipment product lines and tips on buying and restoring vintage test equipment from sources like eBay. Separate chapters cover the major categories of component testers and substitution boxes, frequency counters, meters, oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, tube testers and checkers and miscellaneous test equipment. Each chapter includes one or more qIn-Depthq sections that look at a representative model from the author's Heathkit collection covering its features, operation, and notable quirks or trivia. The appendix provides a list of references and resources including books, web sites, and suppliers of parts, manuals and related products and services as well as a detailed product listing of every known model of test equipment produced by Heathkit.I consider power supplies as a type of test equipment because they are frequently found on a test bench and used for testing. ... 150 VDC to 500 VDC or more while solid state circuits generally operate on low voltages, often 12 volts or 5 volts for digital circuits. ... and can therefore be connected together to combine outputs or connected to a device without using a common ground. ... By powering the equipment from an isolation transformer, there is no reference to ground and thereforeanbsp;...

Title:Classic Heathkit Electronic Test Equipment
Author:Jeff Tranter - 2013


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