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In 1995, 15 African lions were shot and killed after they escaped from a ramshackle, exotic qgame farmq in Idaho, inspiring this gripping action thriller from HBO and Showtime screenwriter Ozzie Cheek. _x000D_ _x000D_ When twenty-three lions, tigers, and ligers - a giant, hybrid cat - escape in rural Idaho, cash-strapped town officials decide to hold the first safari in America. The cost: $1, 000. Only police chief Jackson Hobbs, a man haunted by memories of a tragedy, and Katy Osborne, the sole white female hunting guide in Africa, seem to realize the danger of this decision. With the town desperate for money, Jackson's ex-wife, the mayor, and her boyfriend, a banker, are adamant that the Idaho Lion Hunt go forward even after people are killed. As the death count rises and his own family is put at risk, Jackson must cope with a town doubled in population, the presence of a local, anti-government militia and an animal rescue group, and the unanswered question: who engineered the escape of these rare and deadly cats? Add to the mix a willful teenage daughter, and her desire to save a rare liger named Kali. Betrayal blossoms alongside romance as the story drives to a final, dramatic showdown. _x000D_ _x000D_ qIntensely atmospheric, Ozzie Cheek's Claws employs clarity and precision to reveal a rich panorama of a small town entrapped by a big time disaster.q _x000D_ - Keith Abbott, author of Downstream from Trout Fishing in America: a Memoir of Richard Brautigan._x000D_ _x000D_ qClaws is a tremendous read. Well-written and scary. A lethal combination. I suggest you do what I did, and read it in the daytime. Nighttime reading was too scary.q_x000D_ - Nancy De Los Santos, Writera€œAgreeing doesna#39;t make it right, a€ Jackson told them. a€œLook at the bright side, a€ Iris said, a€œif we make a mistake, you get to tell us about it. And you will. ... If it was a Bouncing Betty beneath his foot, and he moved, the landmine would explode.

Author:Ozzie Cheek


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