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Every day, ceramic artists encounter techniques, processes, materials, problems, and more that leave them with questions such as: How? Why? Where? Clay: A Studio Handbook answers those questions with authoritative, comprehensive coverage of topics ranging from studio safety, finding, making, and improvising tools and equipment, firing processes and theory, and much more. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in ceramics, Pitelka has created the most practical, all-inclusive studio handbook for students, studio artists, educators, and all those interested in the art of clay. Ten chapters, addressing the full range of ceramic processes, bring a lifetime of ceramic knowledge directly into the hands of potters. Written with concern for safe and efficient studio operation, diligent attention is paid to safety practices. A thorough table of contents, glossary, and index make finding answers quick and convenient. Numerous step-by-step illustrations guide readers through the many techniques.... kiln room. It can be used to attach ceramic fiber products for linings or gaskets and for any small repair and patching needs. ... Different coatings are specifically designed to fill small surface gaps and cracks in new or older refractory or to provide a final reflective surface. For the best ... For spraying quantities of kiln coatings, special guns used for texturing drywall (sheet- rock) work very well. Gas andanbsp;...

Author:Vince Pitelka
Publisher:Amer Ceramic Society - 2001


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