Clean House

Clean House

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Melody has run from herself most of her life, finally settling down at the age of thirty, she begins her new career as a Real Estate Agent. She felt different from other people most of her life, because of the contact she has with the dead. The first day on the job on her own, she finds herself in a Victorian home that has been on the market for many years, and hard to sell. Everyone from the office has had their turn trying to unload the property, but with no luck it remains on the market. Everything changes when she meets Mrs. Millie the owner and finds herself in a situation that makes her confront her problems. As time goes by, her path in life is different then she had planned. But, getting to know herself and how her gifts work, puts her in many strange and dangerous situations. Each place she comes in contact with brings many mysterious situations that she finds to be connected to her dreams. When she left home at the young age of eighteen, she kept many secrets as to what she did in those years. But, her new journey brings many twists and turns, with some surprises along the way, keeping her life very interesting as she peels away her past.Her brown beehive hair duo made her round fat face look larger, matching her body perfectly I put my car in park, pulled out the keys, and quickly grabbed my purse. Just when I put my hand on the door handle to open the door, the rain begananbsp;...

Title:Clean House
Author:Donna Rinelli
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2015-06-29


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