Cleaning with Solvents: Science and Technology

Cleaning with Solvents: Science and Technology

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High-precision cleaning is required across a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, defense, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, semiconductor/electronics, etc. Cleaning parts and surfaces with solvents is simple, effective and low-cost. Although health and safety and environmental concerns come into play with the use of solvents, this book explores how safe and compliant solvent-based cleaning techniques can be implemented. A key to this is the selection of the right solvent. The author also examines a range of newer qgreenq solvent cleaning options. This book supplies scientific fundamentals and practical guidance supported by real-world examples. Durkee explains the three principal methods of solvent selection: matching of solubility parameters, reduction of potential for smog formation, and matching of physical properties. He also provides guidance on the safe use of aerosols, wipe-cleaning techniques, solvent stabilization, economics, and many other topics. A compendium of blend rules is included, covering the physical, chemical, and environmental properties of solvents. Three methods explained in detail for substitution of suitable solvents for those unsuitable for any reason: toxic solvents don't have to be tolerated; this volume explains how to do better Enables users to make informed judgments about their selection of cleaning solvents for specific applications, including solvent replacement decisions Explains how to plan and implement solvent cleaning systems that are effective, economical and compliant with regulationsManufacturers of such equipment often develop repair sites in various locations worldwide to collect, refurbish ... The word is an abbreviation for a€œshear rate oscillating failure. ... 2008;106(12):44e46. ... D. For example, consider the state- funded TURIdToxics Use Reduction Institute (, whose focus is on theanbsp;...

Title:Cleaning with Solvents: Science and Technology
Author:John Durkee
Publisher:William Andrew - 2013-11-29


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