Climate Change and Social Ecology

Climate Change and Social Ecology

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Industrial cultures have proved unable to confront the issues underlying the climate problem, such as overconsumption, overpopulation, inequity, and dysfunctional political systems. Political and social obstacles have prevented the adoption of improved technologies, and these would provide only a partial solution in any case. Climate Change and Social Ecologytakes a new approach to the climate crisis, arguing that climate change is a challenge of rapid social evolution. In order to address this impending catastrophe and bring about more sustainable development, this book argues that we must focus on improving social ecologiesa€”our values, mind-sets, and organizations. The text presents a compelling vision of how to help social ecologies evolve toward sustainability and explores the social transformations needed to deal with the climate crisis in the long term. It reviews the climate change strategies considered to date, presents a detailed vision of a future sustainable society, and analyzes how this vision might be realized through more conscious public nurturing of our social ecologies. This interdisciplinary volume provides a compelling rethink of the climate crisis. Authoritative and accessible, it will be of great interest to anyone concerned about climate change and sustainability challenges and is essential reading for students, professionals, and general readers alike.... carbon (in the form of methane) from tundra and frozen swamps as northern latitudes warm. ... contributing vast amounts of methane to the atmosphere and accelerating warming.11 In 2006, teams of scientists ... As Richard Alley, a paleoclimatologist at Penn State, put it, ice melting is a€œnow 100 years ahead of schedule.

Title:Climate Change and Social Ecology
Author:Stephen M. Wheeler
Publisher:Routledge - 2012


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