Clinical Neuroimmunology

Clinical Neuroimmunology

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Provides broad and comprehensive coverage of the interaction between the nervous and immune systems in both normal and diseased states. Understanding this interaction is fundamental to developing therapeutic approaches to disease and injury of the nervous system that are currently only marginally amenable to therapy. Neuroimmunology is a well-recognised and growing specialty world wide, both at the basic science and clinical level. Chapters are dedicated to the role of the immune system in disorders affecting both the central and peripheral nervous systems, including important neurodegenerative diseases (such as multiple sclerosis and HIV-related neural degeneration) which cause life-long disability. Extensive coverage is given to a whole array of immune-directed therapies.neurons and glia which release excitatory amino acids (glutamate) into the extracellular space and accumulate Ca2+ (Dirnagl et al. ... invasion was temporally unrelated to the breakdown of the bloodibrain barrier (BBB) ( Kleinschnitz et al., 2003). ... that macrophages play a role in tissue remodelling and repair rather than neuronal injury because they appear at a stage ... Pa€” selectin, La€”selectin) reduces the velocity of leukocytes in the bloodstream by supa€” porting leukocyte rolling onanbsp;...

Title:Clinical Neuroimmunology
Author:Jack P. Antel
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2005


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