Close to His Majesty

Close to His Majesty

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This God we worship is a mysterious, incomprehensible God. His love, His patience, His holiness, His power, His purposes, and His wisdom will forever leave us in a state of astonished wonder. Yet . . . the Bible tells us that we truly can qtaste and see that the Lord is goodq (Psalm 34:8). Draw closer to the Lord your God. How can you go about qtastingq God? By stepping beyond your regular times of Bible reading and prayer to thoughtfully, worshipfully meditate on Him. If you want to draw closer to His majesty, you must actually come into His presence. And 'Close to His Majesty' was written to help you do exactly that. Taste God's goodness for yourself through fifteen worshipful meditations on the attributes of God by beloved Bible teacher David Needham--and experience what it really means to draw 'Close to His Majesty.'In fact, you may not say anything at all a€” for how do you say a a€œgaspa€? Maybe a#39; Kvowa€ doesna#39;t sound like a very sacred word to you. If so, change it. But dona#39;t miss the point: Worship is not so much words as it is your automatic response out ofanbsp;...

Title:Close to His Majesty
Author:David Needham
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2005-08-03


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