Clouds, Rain, and Rainmaking

Clouds, Rain, and Rainmaking

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Cloud physics, which is the scientific study of the formation and constitution of clouds and the development inside them of snow, rain, hail and lightning, has become established as a distinct branch of atmospheric physics only since the Second World War. It comprises the exploration of clouds with aircraft and radar and laboratory studies on the basic physics of the many processes involved. In this 1975 text, Dr Mason has revised and updated his popular account of cloud-related meteorological phenomena. Descriptions of simple experiments, suitable for use either in class or at home, are included to illustrate what happens in the clouds above. The book is illustrated with many beautiful photographs.5 SNOW, RAIN AND HAIL Introduction Inside all clouds the processes of condensation and aggregation produce particles of larger and larger size. Precipitation occurs when some of these particles reach such a size that they fall out of theanbsp;...

Title:Clouds, Rain, and Rainmaking
Author:Basil John Mason
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1975


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