Clydesiders at War

Clydesiders at War

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In the summer of 1939, as the storm clouds of war gather over Glasgow, the Gourlays and the Cartwrights are preparing themselves for the challenges of an uncertain future. The hard working Gourlays in their modest tenement, and the prosperous Cartwrights in their luxurious West End home, are about to face the consequences of a shattering revelation. As the secrets and lies of the past are uncovered, these two very different families discover that they have far more in common than any of them ever suspected. But private conflicts and personal traumas are soon overshadowed by the tragedy of total war. Like thousands of others, the Gourlays and the Cartwrights experienced the full horror of the First World War. Now they must face that horror again a#150; Richard Cartwright as a fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain; the Gourlay girlsa#8217; husbands, Joe, Pete and Malcy, as ordinary soldiers caught up in the chaos of Dunkirk; and Virginia Cartwright as a Red Cross Nurse on the Home Front in Glasgow. Clydesiders At War is the final part of Margaret Thomson Daviesa#8217; epic Clydesiders trilogy a#150; a tale of two Glasgow families that began amid the dying embers of the Edwardian era and reaches its conclusion at the end of the Second World War.My mother used to make stovies. I dona#39;t think Ia#39;ve ever tasted them since she died. a#39; a#39;Where did your folks live, dear? Were they from the West End too?a#39; a#39;Oh no, I was brought up in Cumberland Street in the Gorbals.a#39; Florence gasped.

Title:Clydesiders at War
Author:Margaret Thomson Davis
Publisher:Black & White Publishing - 2002-02-20


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